Edge breaking

One of the edge finishing techniques you can turn to 247TailorSteel for is edge breaking; an optional post-processing for neatly finishing sheet metal. It complements the metalworking technique of laser cutting, in which metal is cut to size by a hot laser beam. The resulting sharp edges - better known as burrs - are removed by edge breaking. This technique is also known as deburring or silken.

plate-product-plate shown

For which materials is edge breaking possible?

At 247TailorSteel, you can choose from a wide range of materials. For many of these materials, it is possible to apply edge breaking. You have the choice of:

*  Checker plate excluded

Advantages of edge breaking

  • No sharp edges on metal sheets
  • Even the smallest burrs and imperfections are rounded
  • Safety when processing machined metal products
  • Important in the food industry and chemical industry, among others
  • Optionally available as post-processing after laser cutting

Image: result of before (right) and after (left) edge breaking.

Single or double-sided edge breaking

Edge breaking is possible on only the burr side or on both sides of a metal sheet. In most cases, you choose whether to go for single-sided or double-sided edge breaking. The only exception is steel. In fact, this type of material is deburred on both sides by default.

Double-sided deburring of metal sheets is extra important in some situations. An example is when it comes to applications in the food industry. It goes without saying that metal particles should absolutely not end up in food products. Something that can happen with metal plates that are not - or only deburred on the burr side.


Request edge breaking easily in Sophia®

When you have uploaded the drawing of your product to Sophia®, you can easily choose from different options. Among other things, you choose the desired material and indicate whether or not you wish to receive a material certificate. Furthermore, you determine the desired form of edge finishing:

  • No edge finishing
  • Edge breaking burr side
  • Edge breaking both sides

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