Delivery options

247TailorSteel lives up to its promise of ‘on demand and on time deliveries’ every single day. We have a delivery reliability of 99.7%, which means you are guaranteed a fast service. What sets us apart? Sophia®, which is our online software, manages our logistical process. We are able to offer flexible delivery options thanks to a combination of internal automation, our own machine park and a state-of-the-art expedition hall. Select your desired delivery date based on your product design. Experience the efficiency that thousands of companies rely on.


Effective packaging and timely delivery

To effectively protect your metal components during transport, we offer a variety of packaging possibilities in our online software Sophia®. Choose from paper dividing layers, no cardboard protection or heat-treated pallets. Take advantage of flexible delivery possibilities; collection or delivery on the day that you require. Our truck drivers are our ambassadors on the road, and will deliver your order with a smile. Thanks to our efficient machinery and planning, we are able to deliver throughout Europe. When placing your order, you can select the desired packaging method for the perfect transport experience.

Your advantages

  • Select your delivery date
  • 99.7% delivery reliability
  • Products delivered connect to your other processes

Ordering process and delivery


Requesting a quote

Our user-friendly online software, Sophia®, allows you to speed up the ordering process considerably. If you submit a file in STEP, DXF or DWG format, you will receive a detailed quote in real-time. Sophia® will analyse your products and designs extremely quickly. It will also offer an insight into the costs during the design phase. Quotes will be valid for two days.


Ordering and selecting delivery times

If you order products at 247TailorSteel, you have the chance to select your desired delivery date up to maximum eight weeks in the future. The price of your order will then be displayed, depending on the selected delivery time. You can decide to collect the order yourself or have it delivered.


Receiving order confirmation

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation. 247TailorSteel will contact you if your order is not accepted (for example, due to your credit limit or the agreed means of payment). The order confirmation will summarise the details of your order.


Delivering your order

You will be notified once our order is ready for shipment. Depending on the selected method of handover (delivery or collection), you will receive an estimated time of delivery. 247TailorSteel works with a Track & Trace system. This means customers always have an immediate online insight into the status of their orders. If you opt for delivery, you must be present on the selected delivery date to receive the order.


Collecting your order

247TailorSteel gives you the option of collecting your order from our premise. If you select this option, you will receive a notification to inform you that your products are ready for collection. You can collect your order on working days between 08:00 and 17:00 o’clock from the location that you have selected.


Own vehicles and drivers

One of the reasons that we can guarantee delivery reliability of 99.7% is because we have our own vehicles and drivers. This means there are fewer links in the logistical process, and thus fewer factors that can lead to delays. Because we have our own drivers, we can also guarantee the quality of our deliveries. High-tech planning software supports our vehicles and helps to ensure efficient routing. Our drivers will deliver custom-made metal sheets and tubes on the date that you have selected.

We can deliver your products within 48 hours if necessary. Your order will quickly arrive at the desired location even if long distances need to be covered. You will normally receive small orders within two working days via GLS. Naturally, it is also possible to collect your order.

Questions about delivery?

Did something go wrong in the above process or do you have any questions? Please contact our Customer Service via telephone number +31(0)543 801 005 or send an e-mail message to