See the downloads of 247TailorSteel below. Here you will find manuals and ISO certificates, among other things. Click on the downloads for more information.

Sophia® manual

Download the textual explanation of our online software Sophia® here.

U-profile checker

The U-profile checker is an Excel tool that checks whether your product can be bent. During this check it is determined whether there is a collision with tools.

Material list

Do you use the CSV import in Sophia®? Then it is important that you use the correct material names. In this document you will find the correct name of our available material.

Fonts for laser cutting

In our blog we recommend using one of these two fonts if you want to have text cut out or engraved on your plate or tube.

ISO certificates

247TailorSteel guarantees the highest quality standards. We have various ISO certifications. You can also find these in our quality standards.