Edge finishing machines

After our laser cutting machines have cut your order, we also effortlessly take care of the edge finishing of your products. To do this, we have the most innovative grinding and deburring machines available. We distinguish between edge rounding and edge breaking.

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Edge finishing: the process

Edge rounding is possible for both aluminum and stainless steel sheets up to 3 mm. Here, the top and bottom sides will be rounded. From 4 mm it is only possible to process the underside (there where the burr is from the cutting process). For steel / galvanized metal, it is possible to apply edge rounding on both the top and bottom for all thicknesses. The edge finishing takes place by means of a dry process, so that no dangerous grinding residue remains and no time-consuming drying systems need to be used. These advantages (double-sided and dry processing) also contribute to the fast delivery time of 247TailorSteel. 

Our edge finishing machines

247TailorSteel uses 5 LISSMAC and 5 Timesavers edge finishing machines. The LISSMAC machines can process products up to 2980 x 1300 mm wide, the Timesavers machines up to 2980 x 1350 mm. The end result: nicely rounded cut edges that are as soft as silk. Ready for further processing, for your purposes.

Separate machines for steel, stainless steel and aluminum

We keep steel, aluminum and stainless steel strictly separate when it comes to edge finishing. We use the LISSMAC machines specifically for the edge finishing of steel and the Timesavers machines for stainless steel and aluminum.

Want to use laser cutting and edge finishing for your production?

The link between you and the 247TailorSteel edge finishing machines is online software Sophia®. Thanks to artificial intelligence, she can have the machines for edge finishing work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without human interference. User-friendly and with continuous insight into costs, she is the ideal plug-and-play extension of your production process.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • No high investment costs
  • No depreciation on expensive machines
  • No loss of space in your production hall
  • No high training costs for personnel

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