Edge rounding

Edge rounding is a form of edge finishing that removes sharp edges and corners from sheet metal. A rounding is created that contributes to safety, functionality and improved aesthetics. The process of edge rounding is done through rotating brushes that move across the metal, removing sharp edges. It is an optional finishing operation that complements the metalworking technique of laser cutting.


For which materials is edge rounding possible?

In the web version of the online software Sophia® it is possible to select edge rounding for steel with a thickness from 5 mm. Here you can choose from the various types of steel, which can be found in the overview of materials.

Single or double-sided edge rounding

In Sophia® edge rounding is very easy to select. You have the choice of:

  • Edge rounding burr side

  • Edge rounding both sides.

In the first option, only the burr side is rounded. With the second option, both sides of the plate are rounded.

Improving safety

Improving safety is one of the biggest reasons to choose this form of edge finishing. When sharp edges and corners are not removed, they can cause abrasions and/or cuts. This risk is significantly reduced when metal rounding is chosen.

Advantages of edge rounding

  • No sharp edges and corners on metal sheets
  • Even the smallest burrs and unevennesses rounded off
  • Improved safety, functionality and aesthetics
  • Better adhesion of coating
  • Optional as post-processing on laser cutting

Advanced edge finishing machines

247TailorSteel has access to a large machine park that includes edge finishing machines. These are highly advanced and therefore deliver products of the highest quality. In addition to rounding metal sheets, the edge finishing technique of edge breaking is also available - also known as silken or deburring.

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