Custom-made steel

Steel can be used for so many different purposes. These days we regularly see it in interiors, for example, with many people also choosing dining tables with steel legs. But custom-made steel profiles can also be the ideal solution when creating a wide range of other constructions. We will gladly tell you about the techniques that we use to produce steel tubes or sheets, and exactly how thick the steel can be. You will also learn about the major role played by our Sophia® online software when producing custom-made steel.

Production of custom-made steel

Various methods can be used to produce custom-made steel. And these methods can be divided into machined and non-machined techniques. We offer tube laser cuttinglaser cutting and bending; all of which are non-machined techniques where no metal strips or chips are produced. In addition, we can help you with custom-made steel frames, like U profiles, which can be bended. We can also use our tube laser cutting machines to produce custom-made steel tubes or ducts. Our flatbed lasers allow us to easily cut sheet metal to any size.

Overview of steel types

Various types of steel are available as sheet material and as round or square tubes. Furthermore, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel is also available. A summary of all available steel products can be found in our materials overview.

Custom-made steel profiles

Custom-made steel profiles enable a wide range of applications and shapes, which makes them an essential component in diverse industrial and construction projects. Custom-made steel profiles are so versatile because they can meet specific requirements, including varying dimensions and shapes. Various custom-made steel profiles are available, from cold-rolled profiles to steel corner profiles.

Advantages of custom-made steel at 247TailorSteel

  • Small cutting width, even with thicker steel
  • Fast and precise
  • Complex contours possible
  • Wide range of steel
  • Engraving in steel possible

Custom-made steel sheets in various thicknesses

247TailorSteel has many years of experience when it comes to producing custom-made steel sheets. As a result, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the thickness of steel sheets. When laser cutting steel sheets, your options include:

  • Steel sheet 1 mm
  • Steel sheet 2 mm
  • Steel sheet 3 mm
  • Steel sheet 4 mm
  • Steel sheet 5 mm
  • Steel sheet 10 mm
  • Steel sheet 20 mm

For a complete overview of the available steel types and accompanying steel sheet dimensions, please take a look at our materials overview.

Ordering custom-made steel

It is very easy to order custom-made steel at 247TailorSteel. You simply have to enter your request in our online software Sophia®, and it will quickly be converted into a competitively priced quote. Did you know that it is possible to receive custom-made steel products within 48 hours? Sophia® will automatically calculate the earliest possible delivery date, which you can then easily modify if you prefer to receive the materials at a different moment!

Choose your custom-made steel

We use the latest laser cutting machines and press brakes to laser-cut steel to the required size. Due to the high precision and freedom of movement, laser cutting and tube laser cutting are both very popular processing techniques. We are able to customise steel that is up to 25 mm thick.

Order day and night via Sophia®

Log in and upload your file

With Sophia®, you can order tailor-made metal products easily and quickly at 247TailorSteel. Go to your Sophia® dashboard and log in with your own login details. In Sophia®, you can continue working on an existing project or start a new request. Upload your STEP, DWG/DXF or TUB file. Sophia® recognises the parts in the assemblies and checks them for manufacturability.

Select your desired delivery date

Once you have configured your parts, go to the checkout. Here you can choose your desired delivery date and delivery address. In most cases, it is possible to choose delivery within 48 hours. If you order ahead, you benefit from a lower price. You can order up to 8 weeks in advance.

Get your quote within 1 minute

Once you have indicated where and when you want to receive your order, Sophia® will immediately start working on your quote. Within 1 minute, you will know the costs and can proceed to order. A quote is valid for 48 hours.

We will be happy to assist you!

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