247TailorSteel is the market leader in custom-made metals

247TailorSteel is the market leader in the Netherlands and a trendsetter in custom-made metal sheeting, tubing and edge components in Europe. From occasional orders to mass-produced projects, you can come to us for both small and large custom-made metal orders. With now six factories in Europe, we continue to pursue our aim of being located within 250 km of our customers. We are also fast becoming leader in other European countries.

Digital and automated working methods are smarter

We live in a world where speed and efficiency are becoming increasingly important. 247TailorSteel combines the power of digitisation with the largest machine park for custom-made metalwork. Your metal products can be ordered at any time. Thanks to the Sophia® online software, your order is automatically forwarded to production. Your order will then be cut with high precision and delivered within 48 hours if necessary. This makes you predictable for your customers and prevents downtime.

Our brand promise: On demand. On time.

Sophia®, 247TailorSteel's online software, generates automated quotes and is linked directly with the smart factory. This gives you full control over your order, from drawing to finished product. This intelligent and user-friendly software analyses your assembly drawing and provides instant cost transparency.

On-time delivery of materials is essential for your production process. That’s why 247TailorSteel delivers within 48 hours. To achieve such short delivery times, we are expanding rapidly and investing in our own vehicle fleet. Because we possess the largest machine park in our sector (over 150 laser machines, tube laser machines, press brakes and machines for rounding edges), we will always have enough capacity for your order, no matter how large or complex.


CSR at 247TailorSteel

We are aware of the impact of our machinery on people and the environment and keep our footprint as small as possible. We use solar panels to generate part of our energy, air is cooled by climate control and our employees operate in a clean and safe work environment. We produce as little residual waste as possible by nesting products on a plate and planning the routes of our own trucks as efficiently as possible.

247TailorSteel believes it is important to do business in a social and sustainable manner. Our rules and policy in this regard have been summarised in our Code of conduct for suppliers.

Proven certainties

24/7 online ordering

Sophia® is ready to assist you day and night.

Quotation within 1 minute

Select the desired specifications and delivery time. You know where you stand within 1 minute

99,7% delivery reliability

Your order is delivered at the moment of your choice, quickly and reliably.

Delivery within 48 hours

Need a product quickly? In most cases, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

Flexible quantities starting from 1 piece

From a prototype to mass production.

Quality customization

Quality is extremely important. Our specialised operators check the quality of every order.