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A material certificate is a document in which the producer demonstrates that the products delivered meet the specifications. Such a certificate gives you confirmation that the material you ordered has been incorporated into the delivered order and complies with the relevant material specification.

Request certificates from 247TailorSteel

Within the metal sector there are many types of certificates for materials. If you request a certificate from 247TailorSteel, you will receive a 2.2 or 3.1 type certificate. Both contain results of the chemical composition and usually also the mechanical properties. The type indicates whether the basic material comes from a batch (2.2) or has been tested within the supplied lot number (3.1).

You request a material certificate when compiling your quotation from 247TailorSteel. When configuring your product, check the material certificate box to receive a certificate (digital) with your order. A certificate costs €15 per material type and thickness.


Material certificate 3.1: The most common certificate

With a 3.1 certificate, the manufacturer of the metal issues a statement indicating that the supplied material meets the requirements for the material in question. This inspection report is issued by an authorized representative of the steel manufacturer.

Material certificate 2.2: Factory inspection certificate type 2.2

It 2.2. certificate is created slightly differently than the 3.1 certificate. In contrast to 3.1, the inspection for the 2.2 material certificate does not necessarily have to relate to the products actually delivered. Representative material from the same production process is examined.

plate-product-plate shown

When will you receive the material certificate?

The certificate is not ready until your order leaves production. Employees register the material actually processed. Although we always strive to achieve our nesting from one batch, it may sometimes happen that this is not possible. Therefore, you may receive multiple material certificates for one order line. You can assume that you will receive the requested material certificate digitally within a week after delivery of your order.

Do you have questions?

Do you have any questions about material certificates? Please contact our Customer Service via telephone number +31(0)543 801 005 or send an e-mail to service@247tailorsteel.com.