Tube laser cutting

The arrival of laser technology on pipes and tubes not only opened up new design possibilities, but also significantly improved efficiency and precision. As a result, many industries apply this technology to their productions, from metal and plant construction to the furniture industry.


What is tube laser cutting?

Tube laser cutting is an easy way to cut metal profiles to size, without drilling or sawing yourself. By using CNC tube laser cutting machines, the process is fully automated, ensuring high accuracy. Have your round, square en rectangular tubes cut to size by Sophia®. Calculate your quote within one minute!

Tube laser cutting of metal

Besides sheet metal laser cutting, we can also do tube laser cutting. We do this on state-of-the-art Adige tube laser cutting machines. These machines can laser cut round, square and rectangular tubes and profiles with a minimum diameter of 20 mm and a maximum length of up to 5,800 mm. In some cases, it is even possible to cut tubes up to a length of 8,000 mm to size. Seven Adige tube laser cutting machines are constantly at work for you; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These tube cutters are suitable for round, square and rectangular tubes made of stainless steel, aluminium and steel. View all available tube material in our overview of materials.

Tube laser cutting of square tubes

Adige tube laser cutting machines can cut round, rectangular and square tubes. The choice of material for square and rectangular tubes is limited to stainless steel and steel. Cutting a square tube can be done from as little as 20 x 20 mm. Calculate your price for tube laser cutting in Sophia®.

Online laser cutting? Day and night ordering

Log in and upload your file

With Sophia®, you can order tailor-made metal products easily and quickly at 247TailorSteel. Go to your Sophia® dashboard and log in with your own login details. In Sophia®, you can continue working on an existing project or start a new request. Upload your STEP, DWG/DXF or TUB file. Sophia® recognises the parts in the assemblies and checks them for manufacturability.

Select your desired delivery date

Once you have configured your parts, go to the checkout. Here you can choose your desired delivery date and delivery address. In most cases, it is possible to choose delivery within 48 hours. If you order ahead, you benefit from a lower price. You can order up to 8 weeks in advance.

Get your quote within 1 minute

Once you have indicated where and when you want to receive your order, Sophia® will immediately start working on your quote. Within 1 minute, you will know the costs and can proceed to order. A quote is valid for 48 hours.

Tube laser cutting at 247TailorSteel

Use Sophia® as an extension of your production line and outsource tube laser cutting. Our tube laser cutting machines are very fast and extremely accurate. The CNC-controlled tube lasers are controlled directly by Sophia® and go to work for you. Our operators ensure that the finished product then arrives to you on time. You benefit from instant custom tubes and save in money and storage space.

Why tube laser cutting at 247TailorSteel?

  • No high investment costs
  • No depreciation on expensive tube lasers
  • No loss of space in your production hall
  • No high staff training costs
  • High-quality customised products
  • 3D tube laser cutting possible

Customers talk about 247TailorSteel

Albar Industrie - testimonial - 870x600px

''Sophia®, the online software of 247TailorSteel, is fast and easy for optimal ordering convenience 24 hours a day!''

- Albar industrie

Jansen Metal products - testimonial - 870x600px

''Having access to the most advanced laser cutting and bending machines at the click of a mouse."

- Jansen Metal Products

"We order laser-cut parts for our wind turbines. The quality is good and the delivery fast!"

- EAZ Wind

Frequently asked questions

Once you have sent your order, our machinery goes to work for you. The job is automatically sent to the tube laser cutting machine. But how does a tube laser work? 

A tube laser consists of:
  • A clamping direction
  • Laser cutting head
  • Feed magazine
  • Outfeed magazine
The clamping direction ensures that the material is fed and discharged. Loose chucks ensure that the material moves through the machine. The tube moves along the laser head in linear and rotary movements. The laser head makes small movements and uses a laser beam to cut the product you order. The laser beam consists of electromagnetic radiation sources. The light from these sources is emitted at a high intensity. With a very thin beam, the tube laser cuts through the metal quickly and easily.

Would you like to have a metal pipe or tube laser-cut to size? Then you have a choice of different material types, namely:
  • Stainless steel tube laser cutting
  • Aluminium tube laser cutting
  • Steel laser tube cutting
 Then take a look at our guidelines for laser tube cutting.