Edge finishing

Edge finishing is a collective term for several operations whose purpose is to provide an attractive finish to the edges of metal sheets. Reasons include aesthetics, safety as well as functionality. At 247TailorSteel, you can choose from edge rounding and edge breaking. These are two metal finishing techniques that are very similar, yet each leads to a different end result.


The edge finishing technique edge breaking

Edge breaking is an optional post-processing in which a metal sheet is given an attractive finish. However, the edges are not rounded. It merely involves removing the sharp edges created by the burr after the cutting process. This technique for edge finishing is also called silken or deburring. Edge breaking is possible for steelstainless steel and aluminum. With steel, both sides of the sheet are deburred as standard. With stainless steel and aluminum, you can choose single-sided or double-sided edge deburring.

The edge finishing technique edge rounding

Edge rounding, like edge breaking, is a process that removes sharp edges from metal sheets. However, edge rounding goes a little further than edge breaking and includes rounding the corners of the sheet metal. Edge rounding is an optional finishing operation that you can opt for in addition to laser cutting. Especially for products to be coated or lacquered, edge rounding is very important because it creates better adhesion. Edge rounding can be applied either on the burr side or on both sides.

* Edge rounding is now selectable in Sophia® for Steel thicker than 5 mm

Different kinds of edge finishing

other-guidelines-plate-noedgefinishing  No edge finishing


other-guidelines-plate-edgebreakingEdge breaking

other-guidelines-plate-edgeroundingEdge rounding

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247TailorSteel uses advanced edge finishing machines

All of our production locations have access to two or more edge finishing machines. This enables us to provide your product with the required finishing immediately after laser cutting. Our facilities are equipped with a total of twelve machines from renowned brands such as Lissmac, Timesavers and Q-Fin.

Advantages of edge finishing:

  • No sharp edges on metal sheets
  • Even the smallest burrs and imperfections are rounded
  • Safety when processing machined metal products
  • Important in the food industry and chemical industry, among others
  • Optionally available as post-processing after laser cutting

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Frequently asked questions

Edge finishing is a collective term for several operations whose purpose is to provide an attractive finish to the edges of metal sheets. Reasons include aesthetics, safety as well as functionality

Edge finishing can be applied to almost all materials. It is not possible to provide tear sheets with edge finishing.

Wide range of materials to choose from