Partial deliveries: what about packaging and shipping costs?

When you order at 247TailorSteel, we strive to get your order delivered to you at the desired time. Our delivery reliability of 99.7% proves this. For practical reasons, it may happen that your order is delivered in parts. Your invoice will then look different from what you can normally expect from us. In this news item we would like to give you a word of explanation on the administrative handling of these partial deliveries.

How will my invoice be structured?

An invoice for a partial delivery looks different from an invoice for an order that was delivered in one piece. Don't worry, everything remains the same for you. The only difference from a single delivery is the split of your order into two invoices.

  • The first invoice shows all products delivered, transport costs, packaging materials and pallets delivered.
  • On each following invoice, in addition to the delivered products, the delivered pallets are also shown. 

What about packaging and transportation costs?

The additional transport costs due to the partial delivery, are currently not charged. The total amount of all invoices together corresponds to the order confirmation, unless delivered pallets differ from the order confirmation.

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