247TailorSteel builds new factory in Belgium


247TailorSteel is expanding its activities in Belgium. It has been less than a year since 247TailorSteel announced the construction of its fourth factory. This factory will be fully operational in September 2022. Today, we are pleased to announce the construction of the first production facility in Belgium, fifth in total.

The new production facility will be built in Hooglede, near Kortrijk and will initially have a capacity of 4 laser machines, 3 tube laser machines and 4 bending machines. The 17,000 m2 factory is to be built on a site of over 30,000 m2 and will eventually employ 250 people. Further machinery will be installed in phases, bringing the total capacity up to 12 laser machines, 10 tube laser machines and 12 bending machines. Construction is scheduled to start in the second half of 2022 and the factory will be fully operational in the autumn of 2023.

This development will help us achieve our growth ambitions and strengthen our brand and position in the market. The new factory strengthens our local presence and brings us even closer to achieving our goal of serving customers within a radius of 200 kilometres. When the new location opens, we will be able to offer our customers in Belgium and North France even more convenience and deliver our high-quality products even faster. Using our Sophia® portal, customers can place their orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, receive a quote in just one minute and arrange delivery of their products within 48 hours.