Custom manufacture your checker plate

No matter if you need diamond plate as a semi-finished or finished product. Or if you need a few items or a large series. And regardless if you want your order delivered on site within a few days or only in 3 weeks. We will be happy to custom manufacture your order and ensure it is delivered to you on time.

There are many techniques that can be used to perform this custom work for you, but we prefer the one that gives the best results: laser cutting. Cropping, sawing and other methods have the disadvantages of being more time consuming, producing less accurate contours and edges that are not as clean. Often it is not even possible to finish the resulting edges due to the pattern in the checker plates. The factory cut should therefore be made as cleanly as possible. And the best way to do that is with laser cutting.

What is checkerplate?

Checker plate, diamond plate, tread plate or teardrop plate are all names for the same thing. They are metal plates with lug-shaped protrusions made from stainless steel, regular steel and aluminium. The lug-shaped protrusions are roll-pressed into the metal under great force. These shapes are then made to bulge above the flat surface of the metal. In most cases checker plates are hot rolled.

Diamond plate applications

Our customers often use checker plate for one of the following purposes.

The first and most common use of checker plate is to provide a safe walking surface. This is particularly important in conditions where surfaces may be slippery, such as sloping or wet floors. The slightly uneven surface of the diamond plate has anti-slip properties. Shoes have a better grip on the surface, which prevents slipping. Specific examples include:

  • Ship decking
  • Trailer ramps
  • Treads of an outdoor staircase
  • Accessibility aids for wheelchair users
  • Truck loading platforms 

The second application of tread plate is to provide a more functional covering. The diamond plate is then placed over a surface to protect it from damage. Although the plate itself will suffer the necessary damage, the lug pattern on the plate makes the damage less noticeable. Examples of manufactured products are:

  • Kick plates on doors
  • Covering of a loading bay
  • Protection behind the cooker
  • Hatch covers on roofs or ships

The third and final application is primarily aesthetic. Spaces that need to have an industrial feel often have checker plate walls. Sometimes entire walls have such a decorative cladding, other times just a small section. The sole aim is to achieve the desired look.

Advantages of aluminium diamond plate

  • Slow wearing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Withstands impact
  • Improves safety when walking
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions

The possibilities at 247TailorSteel

Aluminium and steel diamond plate sheets are always in stock. Looking for a different material, such as stainless steel? Do not hesitate to contact your Area Sales Manager or our Customer Service Team. Our staff will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Our steel diamond plate is hot rolled checker plate S235JR. The plate is hot-rolled with a double-lug pattern and varies in thickness from 4 mm (flat part) to 6 mm (protrusions).

Our aluminium tread plate (also known as 'alu checker plate') is the AlMg3 EN AW 5754 H114 checker plate 5-bar. The plate is hot-rolled with series of 5 lugs and varies in thickness from 3.5 mm (flat part) to 5 mm (protrusions).

Bending / Folding checker plate

Although diamond plates are often used in the form of straight sheeting, there are many applications where the plates need to be bent. We will also be happy to assist you in this respect. Once your checker plates have been cut to size, they can be handed over to our press operators, who will bend the plate into the required shape. For example, do you need ramps with raised edges, sections or steps? Or perhaps larger end products such as drawbars, stairs and landings? We can process your diamond plate to produce the end product you require.


Advantages of laser cutting diamond plate

  • Laser cutting is one of the fastest machining techniques.
  • The laser ensures a sharp, narrow cut.
  • Due to the low material loss, it is also a cost-effective option.
  • Laser cutting allows extremely accurate dimensioning.
  • Post-processing of the resulting diamond plate is almost never required.
  • You can also have the most complex shapes cut out.

Let 247TailorSteel cut your checker plate to size

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