Brass processing

At 247TailorSteel, you can have different types of metal machined. Think of laser cutting metal, bending and edge rounding. One of these types of metal we machine is brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is a hard metal. Because of its golden yellow colour, brass is often machined for decorative parts, but it is also well suited for utensils. At 247TailorSteel, you can have a brass plate custom-made by our machines.


What is brass?

Brass is an alloy between zinc and copper. An alloy is a mixture of different types of metal. As an additional metal is added to copper, its properties change and it can be used for multiple purposes.

Processing with brass

Brass is easy to process. At 247TailorSteel , the hard golden yellow metal is laser cut and edged with CNC-controlled machines. This allows complex shapes to be cut and ensures a high-quality product. Brass is easy to maintain and does not rust.

Brass processing at 247TailorSteel

  • Good formability
  • Weldable with all common brass welding methods
  • Easy to maintain
  • Anti-bacterial property
  • Does not rust

Laser cutting of brass

Laser cutting of brass is a precision technique in which a powerful laser beam is used to accurately cut brass sheets. By controlling wavelength, power and speed, minimal distortion is achieved, with a smooth finish. The result is sharp, complex shapes without the need for much post-processing, making it ideal for a variety of industrial and decorative applications.

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Bending of brass

Bending of brass is a bending technique in which brass sheets are deformed to create desired shapes. Using advanced bending machines, the material is gradually bent according to specific design requirements. This process requires skill and precision to minimize distortion and achieve accurate results. Brass bending is often used in the production of architectural details, electronics enclosures and various decorative and functional parts.

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Processing brass sheets

processing brass can be done well. By using various machines, you can cut brass and bend brass. This is possible for various applications. Brass is weldable with all common welding methods. Read here about all the other features of brass processing at 247TailorSteel. You find brass here in our overview of materials.

What applications does brass have?

Brass is a very popular product within installation technology. It is used for compression fittings, fasteners, pipes and taps. Brass is also used for finishes such as door knobs, nameplates and chandeliers.

Properties of brass:

  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Does not rust
  • Durable
  • Good hardness

How we work a brass plate at 247TailorSteel

For brass processing, you have come to the right place at 247TailorSteel. For example, you can come to us for laser cutting brass. For this, we use high-quality CNC-controlled laser cutting machines. These automatically set machines cut your brass sheet into all kinds of shapes. In addition, 247TailorSteel also has 20 LVD bending machines, which we use to easily bend your brass plates into the desired angles.

Thanks to our online software Sophia®, you can easily and quickly order your tailor-made products at 247TailorSteel. Sophia generates laser-cut brass plates, tubes and bending parts in no time. As a business customer, you can use our online software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can quickly and accurately have your brass plate processed.

Our offer of brass

Wondering what types of brass can be processed? At 247TailorSteel, you can choose brass CuZn37HH as indicated below. 

Day and night ordering in Sophia®

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With Sophia®, you can order tailor-made metal products easily and quickly at 247TailorSteel. Go to your Sophia® dashboard and log in with your own login details. In Sophia®, you can continue working on an existing project or start a new request. Upload your STEP, DWG/DXF or TUB file. Sophia® recognises the parts in the assemblies and checks them for manufacturability.

Select your desired delivery date

Once you have configured your parts, go to the checkout. Here you can choose your desired delivery date and delivery address. In most cases, it is possible to choose delivery within 48 hours. If you order ahead, you benefit from a lower price. You can order up to 8 weeks in advance.

Get your quote within 1 minute

Once you have indicated where and when you want to receive your order, Sophia® will immediately start working on your quote. Within 1 minute, you will know the costs and can proceed to order. A quote is valid for 48 hours.

Questions about brass processing?

We are happy to help you! Would you like more information about brass processing? Or do you have questions about stainless steel processing and ordering customised steel? Our Customer Service will be happy to help.