Aluminum processing

At 247TailorSteel, you can easily order your custom-made aluminium products. Using our modern online software Sophia®, we cut, bend and edge finish your aluminium sheet metal and aluminium tubes. Order your aluminium finished or semi-finished products online. Upload your drawing into the online software Sophia® and receive your quotation within one minute. High-quality aluminium cut to size is available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What is aluminium?

Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is very strong and also elastic despite its low weight. Did you know that aluminium is as much as three times lighter than steel? Bauxite; a mineral, is used to make aluminium. It bends very well, which makes it a popular metal to work.

Machining with aluminium

Aluminium is easy to process. Its relatively low melting temperature makes it easy to cast or deform into a desired shape. At 247TailorSteel, we use aluminium sheets measuring up to 2,980 x 1,480 mm and 5,800 long aluminium tubes for your order. You can find an overview of aluminium products in the material overview. With our CNC lasers and LVD Toolcell bending machines, we make your aluminium to your specifications. See below what 247TailorSteel can do for you.

Aluminium processing at 247TailorSteel

  • Durable, strong and corrosion resistant
  • Free-shape cutting (very complex contours are possible)
  • Lightweight: significant saving in terms of load
  • Good conductor of heat and electricity
  • Does not release toxic substances
Laser cutting

Laser cutting of aluminium

Have your aluminium products laser-cut by our machinery. Highly accurate and at high speed, your aluminium sheet will be cut to size. Order your cut-to-size sheet metal easily online, whether for a single piece or large series. Our advanced laser cutting system ensures sharp, precise cuts with minimal thermal distortion. Enjoy high-quality products, delivered within 48 hours.

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tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting of aluminium

Whether round or square aluminium tubes, our tube lasers deliver precise cuts with minimal tolerances. This ensures perfectly fitting parts that meet your specifications and requirements. Rely on our extensive machinery and receive high quality custom-cut aluminium tubes. These laser machines are a flexible extension of your in-house production or assembly.

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Bending of aluminium

Want to get your aluminium sheet metal bent? Upload your 3D design in Sophia® and our CNC bending machines will get to work for you. From simple angles to complex shapes, aluminium is bent at all common angles. Whether it's aluminium profiles or other bending work, from 247TailorSteel you can expect only the best quality. If required, your parts will be delivered within 48 hours.

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Aluminium processing

Have your desired aluminium sheet machined by the high-quality laser cutting machines at 247TailorSteel. Have it cut to size and bent into the right shape or desired profile. Use 247TailorSteel as an extension of your own production. We have the stock, the machines, the production speed and the delivery reliability. You have the convenience of aluminium parts cut exactly to size and delivered to you quickly.

What are the applications of aluminium?

Because of its positive properties, aluminium has a very wide range of applications. For example, this lightweight metal is very popular in the automotive and aircraft industry, as well as in other transportation industries. But aluminium is also widely found in household appliances and furniture, for example.

Properties of aluminium:

  • Light in weight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Strong
  • Flexible

Wide range of aluminium

aluminium sheet and tube work can be customized using most common machining techniques. At 247TailorSteel, aluminium is machined with laser cutting machines and bending machines. Laser cutting gives great freedom of form and ensures great accuracy. You can choose from sheets up to 10 mm thick and various sizes of aluminium tubes. See the overview of materials for the right material for your product.

Day and night ordering in Sophia®

Log in and upload your file

With Sophia®, you can order tailor-made metal products easily and quickly at 247TailorSteel. Go to your Sophia® dashboard and log in with your own login details. In Sophia®, you can continue working on an existing project or start a new request. Upload your STEP, DWG/DXF or TUB file. Sophia® recognises the parts in the assemblies and checks them for manufacturability.

Select your desired delivery date

Once you have configured your parts, go to the checkout. Here you can choose your desired delivery date and delivery address. In most cases, it is possible to choose delivery within 48 hours. If you order ahead, you benefit from a lower price. You can order up to 8 weeks in advance.

Get your quote within 1 minute

Once you have indicated where and when you want to receive your order, Sophia® will immediately start working on your quote. Within 1 minute, you will know the costs and can proceed to order. A quote is valid for 48 hours.

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