New from 247TailorSteel: Magnelis®


In 2021, we have added a new material to our range: Magnelis®. This galvanised steel with a metallic coating is up to 10x more corrosion resistant than other galvanised steel types. Magnelis® also has self-recovering properties and is suitable for acidic and salty environments. Let us explain more about this unique material.

Magnelis® is steel with a unique metallic coating. This coating is applied with a thermal zinc bath and consists of zinc alloyed with 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. Thanks to this coating with magnesium, the steel is protected against corrosion for up to 25 years in normal locations. Compared to standard galvanised steel, Magnelis® experiences 7x less corrosion in an ammonia environment and has 8x the lifespan in a saltwater environment. This means Magnelis® is suitable for many applications in silo construction, the agricultural sector, infrastructural applications and machine building.

Its unique self-restoring properties mean this is a very special metal. Magnelis® restores itself at the cut edges (up to 6 mm thick*) where corrosion generally arises. The coating forms a new, white layer over the damaged area and prevents further corrosion. This animation visualises the process. Magnelis® sheets are lighter and, while they have a thin coating, they have a longer lifespan than other galvanised sheets. This material is also attractively priced, because additional logistical steps, such as coating, are no longer necessary. The material can be used immediately: cut, bend and go!

Benefits of Magnelis:

  • Good rust resistance, 10x more than galvanised steel**

  • 8x longer lifespan than Sendzimir (independent salt water mist test)**

  • Can be used in maritime environments (C5M standardised)

  • Can be used in ammonia environments (7x more protection)***

  • Can be used in chloride environments

  • Cut edges protect themselves (up to 6 mm)

Magnelis® is now available in Sophia®. Want to find out more about this material? Check the material page or contact your Area Sales Manager.

*with the quality ZM310

**source: MCB

***source: ArcelorMittal