The offer of edge finishing expands


Edge rounding is one of the forms of edge finishing. Until recently, you could only order your products with edge rounding on request. Now this has changed and the process has been simplified.

Edge rounding possible for steel thicker than 5 mm

From now on it is possible to select the option 'edge rounding' during your order in Sophia®. This option becomes available when you order a product made of steel with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. This update makes it much easier for you as a customer to order a product with edge rounding than before.

Edge rounding in brief

Edge rounding is a process in which sharp edges of metal sheets are mechanically removed. Using special tools, a rounding is given to the edges of the product. This technique goes one step further than the edge rounding technique edge breaking, as it also rounds the corners of the sheets.

Edge rounding may be necessary in order to meet safety requirements. Edge rounding may also be necessary when your product is being coated. Rounding will allow the coating to adhere better to the material. In short, edge rounding is an important process that is now easily selectable in Sophia®.

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