Supplying laser cut and edged materials to Bolair B.V.

Written by: 247TailorSteel on Oct 19, 2022 10:34:00 AM

Supplying laser cut and edged materials to Bolair B.V.

For laser-cut tubes and sheets, Bolair B.V. has been seeking cooperation with 247TailorSteel since 2015. Three years later, in 2018, they also started ordering edged materials. Christian Kranenburg, work planner at Bolair B.V., talks about this special cooperation.

De ondernemingen binnen productiefaciliteit Bolair B.V.

Bolair B.V. is the production facility of Binair B.V. The companies that fall under it are the brands Interko B.V. and Acoustair B.V. Whereas Interko B.V. is engaged in the design and manufacture of cooling systems for ripening fresh fruit, Acoustair B.V. specializes in the design of complete soundproofing facilities. The stainless steel heat exchangers produced by Bolair B.V. incorporate laser-cut tubes from 247TailorSteel. The steel structure of the ripening rooms also consists largely of materials cut by us.

Speed, competitive prices & high quality

"Fast quotations with prices that are competitive, consistent quality and low deviations from the invoice," Christian says when we ask him why they choose 247TailorSteel as their metal sheet and tube supplier. Christian also considers the process of ordering online and the low cost compared to other metalworking techniques, such as sawing, drilling and grinding, as major advantages of 247TailorSteel.

How cooperation has been optimized even further

Although we strive to provide the highest possible level of service at all times, there is always room for improvement. When we ask Christian what he thinks could be improved about our cooperation, he tells us that an important change has already taken place recently: 'When we have large orders, such as a pallet with a lot of laser-cut tubes, edged plates and cut sheet metal parts, it is sometimes difficult to have the right parts ready on time. In consultation with our Area Sales Manager, we have already split an order into parts that are more manageable. This means 247TailorSteel is not overloaded with work all at once, but we can still get the parts we need together first.'

Afbeelding bij bolair


Afbeelding 2 bij bolair


The future of 247TailorSteel and Bolair B.V.

Laser cutting is much more accurate and faster than other metalworking techniques. Bolair B.V. also benefits from this by outsourcing recurring projects to us. And that will continue in the future. 'This year we have had several large projects, where delivery problems arose after the first project. The material could not be delivered on time by 247TailorSteel because of problems in the supply chain. We looked at alternatives together, including breaking up projects into multiple small orders. This benefited the following projects and we will definitely continue with this.'