Extraordinary outdoor kitchens from COOXS

Written by: Irthe Brummelman on Feb 13, 2024 3:11:00 PM

Extraordinary outdoor kitchens from COOXS

"Perhaps a fun fact. When we developed the basis of our product, we already took into account the specifications issued by 247TailorSteel." Since 2018, COOXS has been developing, manufacturing and realizing custom high-end outdoor kitchens for high-end customers. Since the beginning, 247TailorSteel has supplied the semi-finished products for their final products. How did the partnership start and why does it work so well to this day?

Outdoor kitchens as good as indoor kitchens

COOXS' philosophy is that outdoor kitchens need not be inferior to indoor kitchens. They design their outdoor kitchens to the standards of indoor kitchens, but with materials that can withstand weather and wind. The result is modern, stylish and robust end products. COOXS serves customers with an eye for design, passion for the outdoors and penchant for the good life. Their products find a place in modern city gardens and roof terraces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and other cities.

"We cannot afford a supplier that does not have its internal processes in place."

Technical challenges with the custom outdoor kitchens

Of course, outdoor kitchens have to meet different requirements than indoor kitchens. Therefore, the technical construction of the product is also completely different. COOXS distinguishes itself in the design and composition of the base and cabinets. The base is completely made of aluminum and finished with a high-quality powder coating. Every kitchen is unique and is completely customized to the customer's specific needs. 247TailorSteel supplies the aluminum (AlMg3 EN AW 5754 H111) after which the laser cutting, edging and edge rounding operations are performed.

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Digital control of the production process

"247TailorSteel is intertwined with our business." From the start of COOXS in 2018, they have been ordering their semi-finished products from 247TailorSteel. COOXS handles product development and design in-house. "We don't need a supplier to help us further with the design," he says. Once the technical design of the metalwork is ready, it is easily uploaded online. At the touch of a button, COOXS orders their semi-finished products. The high degree of digitization offers control over the course of the process. An important advantage for COOXS given the high demands of their customers. "We cannot afford a supplier that does not have its internal processes in order."

"In the high season we may need several trucks full while in the off-season we handle much lower volumes."

Success factors for collaboration

COOXS combines their own level of customization with 247TailorSteel's streamlined production to ensure quality. The very low margin of error, fast delivery time and flexibility are important in this regard. "In particular, flexibility is very important. In high season we may need several trucks full while in low season we handle much lower volumes." With every COOXS project, the material is ordered from 247TailorSteel. A recent improvement in cooperation has been the increased personal contact.

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